Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Prussia Cove

Today I went to Prussia Cove again in search of the Kestrel. The project is completed so this was merely for fun.
The weather wasn't on my side today as it was raining but I still stuck around and it started to brighten up. I only saw the kestrel twice and both times he was being attacked by the Swallows in the area so he didn't stay for long! However, just before the place where the Kestrel hangs is a cliff side where a group of Fulmars roost so I got a couple of shots of these as I haven't before.
After actually spending some time with these birds I really started to like them, and I think I could get some nice shots showing their behaviour so I will try and keep this going!

Fulmars Displaying

Can be identified from their stiff wings when flying


A pair of Fulmars

Female Linnet

Male Chaffinch



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