Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Something Different: Slacklining

Very quickly before I start, I went on a shoot the other day and gained a very positive response with the shots I took. Here they are below. So thank you for that. I have decided to start photographing things that represent Jersey; starting with the Jersey cow and a part of its history - Grosnez castle.

Today I  went out and discovered a couple of places that I want to photograph to show the agriculture and farming side of Jersey. I found a nice place that over looks Gorey castle, which would act as a nice backdrop. However, there were no clouds in the sky so I didn't take any shots worth showing. So landscapes were off the cards for today unless clouds suddenly appeared out of nowhere, but they didn't. Instead, I went slacklining with my older brother.
Slacklining is a very new sport and therefore isn't very well known. Its very simple and anyone can do it! It involves strapping the line against two poles/trees and walking across it. There are several tricks and manoeuvres you can do and behind all this fun it tones your core muscles, without you noticing.

Anyway, did this for a bit and then decided to start photographing my brother, using the fisheye (10.5mm) lens. I wanted to do something similar to the cow shot I took, with the glare from the sun. So heres how they turned out:

Tried it without flash to get this silhouette effect

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