Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bristol Trip/exhibitions

For any of you locating my site, unfortunately it is down at the moment so I have linked the URL to my blog page.

I have had a great week or two, holding two exhibitions and helping out at the British Red Squirrel stand for the Festival of Nature.

From the 8th -13th June I had an exhibition in Bristol named 'Nature Exposed'. This was a showcase of work from the 'Marine and Natural History Photography' course that has just recently graduated from Falmouth university.

The exhibition was a great success with hundreds of people turning up, receiving a lot of positive feedback. We had been organising this exhibition for roughly 9months so having it going to plan was a big relief!

Starting from the 15th June, I have an exhibition with all of the graduates on the course with is held at the university in Falmouth which is still running, so if you are in the area - check it out!

After Nature Exposed was finished, I spent a couple more days in Bristol so I could help out at the Festival of Nature but before that I met up with Richard Brock who has worked in the BBC for 35years but left last year and now he makes his own conservation films. ( I have been in contact with him for a good couple of months now but it was great to finally meet him and talk about a subject we are both passionate about. My goal in life is to become a wildlife cameraman so if you are reading this and require a helping hand in anything relavent to this subject - drop me a line!

Last Saturday 16th June, I helped out at the British Red Squirrel stand at the Festival of Nature. This involved mainly educating the public about the threats and the struggle for survival  that the red squirrel faces. I had photo prints for sale too which generated interest, and I was fortunate enough to sell some too! (

This was a very productive week talking to natural history film productions such as the BBC at the festival and I gain some great contacts!

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