Friday, 9 November 2012

A piece of Autumn

I am currently writing this blog from my hide. Waiting for the light to get better so I can photograph some birds in an autumn setting. I say hide, I really mean, sitting on a bed, with the curtain shut with my camera pointing out of it.

Tigger is there just for comfort... its gets lonely when you are home alone.
Before I start, If people are wondering what all those birds are that are flocking around at the moment, they are Starlings. Autumn is the time of year where they flock in unicen performing what is known as a murmuration. This is an extraordinary sight to see in nature, where each bird connect to one another and display like fast moving clouds.. kind of..
Anyway, yesterday, I was on my way to the studio to process some corporate stuff. Half way there, a throng   of starlings flew about 5ft overhead. I was stunned, shouting and screaming (on my own) in amazement. I get excited that the simpliest things in nature and to see this never-ending swarm of Starlings passing by just feet above my car was incredible. This caused me to pull over straight away and grab the camera - the studio can wait!
These photos do not do a 'murmuration' justice because I didn't have much time before they disappeared into the distance.  The flocks are only going to grow in size and the packs are going to become more dense, so I am going to try and capture some better shots in future.

After the abrupt shoot, I decided that I wasn't finished so I pulled over into a reasonable place instead of jamming the traffic in a thin, country lane.

There are so many tractors driving back and forth at the moment transporting their harvest so the shot below was to characterise an autumnal harvest. 

Thank you for checking out the blog, I really appreciate it!
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  1. Loved the starlings images fox, I would of done the same, screaming and shouting too!

  2. thks for yr comment in my blog, follow here & credit make to your blog also...