Monday, 5 September 2011

The Iceland Experience

Just before I go to travel Spain for a couple of weeks, I thought I would do one a final post. This post consists of shots I took when I went to Iceland last year when there was the eruption of Volcano Eyjafjallajokull. Despite being delayed at the airport for the day it was an amazing experience to witness this.

 This trip comprised of Whale watching, Kayaking with Seals, seeing all the top sights inc. the blue lagoon but with the constant, monstrous, groans of the volcano and being rained on by the remnants of the eruptions made this trip a once in a life time opportunity and the most amazing experience.

Hope you like the photos!

The cliché long, windy road leading to nowhere shot

Ash remnants littering the circumference of the volcano.
(Volcano was just behind these mountains) 

This black & white looking shot is a colour
shot of a glacier covered in ash.

The famous Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Multi-shot of the Geysers


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