Monday, 26 September 2011

Spanish Travels

Hello everyone,  i'm back in England, and have just arrived in Cornwall to start my final year in Falmouth.. well after all the partying with freshers before hand. But as you know I have I travelled around Spain for a couple of weeks and flew back a couple days ago. Last year, I travelled Italy and made the stupid but sensible mistake of not bringing my camera so this year with Spain I made sure I had it with me!

So the travelling started of in Madrid where we flew in and stayed in the Centre, I then went to travel the east coast, from the south to north; so Calpe, Valencia, Barcelona and then finally took a ferry across to the Balearic Island of Majorca.

Although this was leisurely planned, I still had time to take a few shots. I will upload a short selection of photos of each place in chronological order (starting with Madrid and ending with Majorca) over a short period of days.

I hope you enjoy!
Here are some shots in Madrid:

Puerta del Sol

The Spanish streets

One of Madrid finest Botanical Gardens


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