Thursday, 17 November 2011

An Autumn Touch on the Grey Squirrel

Hello everyone, new day and a new post.
I went on another shoot earlier this week and have only just got round to blogging it. Like my last blog, my images to create a sense of place, by showing my subject in its environment. This shoot was primarily to capture a seasonal feel in my photographs. Looking back at my photos I saw that there was no clear signs of autumn, portraying more towards a winter mood. So this time I wanted to focus on the leaves that have dropped from the trees and incorporate it in with my subject, the grey squirrel. 
These shots still require a lot more room for improvement but at this stage I am only trying to put across my ideas rather than perfecting them. In the first shot I was trying to describe an autumn woodland, using the squirrel almost as a prop in the photo, rather than focusing the photograph solely on the animal.
It would be greatly appreciated if you'd let me know what you think
Hope you like the photos, click to enlarge.

Great Tit within the environment

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