Friday, 11 November 2011

A Sense of Mood and Place - The Grey Squirrel

This morning I decided to go on a sunrise shoot to a place I have only heard of. When I arrived, it was first light and pouring it down with rain. Before I even thought to take out my camera, I took a couple hours to observe the habitat and gain a better understanding of what was there. The rain was not a problem as I had waterproofs but I believe it is the added element to a good photograph. 
On the shoot there was all sorts of bird life, but of course, I was most focused on the Squirrels.
After my last shoot I decided to pack in the long lens and try to get some intimate shots of the greys, I still had the 300mm in the kit bag but as a safety lens. My aim with this shoot was to incorporate the habitat as well as the subject in my photograph. This is to create a sense of mood and place, seems to be the trend in all professional wildlife photographers at the moment so I decided to follow. To do this, I needed to use a wide angle lens and to be very close to the subject.
This was my first shoot in this style so there is a lot of room for improvement but here is what I achieved:
Click to enlarge the image:

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