Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Part One: Journey to Scotland

So I am in Isle of Arran, after planning this for months I am finally here! I haven't been able to post because I have been pretty busy with travelling and having no internet is a bother. I wanted to blog every evening about what I got up to previously that day but there is no internet connection where I am staying so it is hard to do this.
This video is just my journey, leaving Falmouth and going to London.  This was shot last Saturday so I still have a bit of catching up to do!

I want to get up to date as soon as possible, as today I sat in a hide about 10m away from a couple red squirrels feeding. So this will be edited when I have time and posted when I can access the internet.
Tomorrow, I am going to build a set with a couple broken trees so I will capture a natural looking shot rather than a squirrel at a feeder like it was today.

These videos aren't much but they give me motivation to edit my work which will be included as a short documentary piece. At a later date, I will be merging the gopro videos with my high quality squirrel footage to produce a documentary raising awareness of the red squirrel as my final major project.

To look at my previous shoots, scroll to the 'older post' button on the bottom right.


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