Monday, 13 February 2012

Building a quick hide

I am back in Jersey now for a couple of weeks to film the red squirrels for my major project.
On the side, I thought that I would photograph a couple birds in the garden.
A mini Christmas tree was planted in the garden few years ago and now it has grown to around 10ft. The birds have favoured this tree and I thought that a blue tit would make a nice shot with the green leaves.
So this afternoon, I decided to construct a simple hide to help me get the shot.

Building the hide:
  • I hung camo netting from the upstairs window down to the bottom window.
    This type of netting can be ordered from various places online.
  • I weaved an old clothes airer into the bench to hold the shape and to allow space to manuover.
  • I then constructed a wind break/blind to the left side of the hide.
    This is waterproof, camo tarpolin was purchased from a local DIY store. (It makes an excellent ground mat too)


I allowed enough space to place the tripod inbetween the bench and the window.
I cut a slit through the netting to fit the lens through.
After 20mins the hide was complete!

View from inside

My next step was to attract the birds to the place I want!

I straped a wooden pole against the wall and attached a coconut with a fatball mixture inside (the blue tits favourite at this time of year). This is to attract the blue tits to the area regularly, instead of flying to the other end of the garden where the feeder is.
I also sprinkled some crushed peanuts on the branches for them to feed on.

I was suprised to see that the bluetit was already feeding from the coconut even though its on the other end of the garden, but it got to dark before I could test the hide so I will wait for sunrise tomorrow!
I am going to buy some peanut butter to spread on the branches which should hopefully stop the seeds from falling onto the floor.

Watch this space to see what happens tomorrow morning!

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