Thursday, 6 October 2011

Balearic Islands

After sleeping under the stars as I cross the Mediterranean sea on the ferry, I reach my final destination of Majorca. Majorca is the largest of all the Balearic Islands.  Majorca derives from the latin word meaning 'the larger one' and Menorca originating from the latin word of 'the smaller one', the easiest way to tell them apart I guess.
Anyway, I took the overnight ferry from Barcelona and arrived in Alcudia, at 6.30am. Waking up late to a woman over the tannoy saying that it was the 'last call for passengers to get off at Alcudia', wasn't the best way to start the day. After all the struggle and panic I finally set foot in Alcudia port, and made my way towards the town, where I could then catch the bus to Pollença. However, because it was so early I had to wait couple hours before I could get the next bus, so this gave time to see the place a take advantage  the sunrise glow and photograph the stunning views.

Sunrise after getting off the ferry

Light piercing through the Palm Trees

I arrived at my hostel in Pollenca just 100m or so from the beach, checked in, ate breakfast, and then I was straight to the beach front. The weather was amazing and had been during my whole time in Spain, until one day in Pollença, where I witnessed, what felt like a tropical storm for the day. Although it was torrential rain, I quite liked that I saw what it what it was like. I have never seen rain like it. It was just this one day that there was bad weather, which isn't bad for two weeks away. I took a trip to Alcudia one day to look in the old, historic town and went kayaking along the bay and in Pollença I went sup paddle boarding and various other things.

Day after the storm

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