Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Barcelona and the Montserrat Mountains

The next destination, one of the places I was looking forward to the most. I proceed 182miles north-east to Barcelona! Barcelona is the largest and capital city of Catalonia, the second largest city in Spain.  It was the shortest amount of time I spent here but it gave me more reasons to pack it out. When I arrived I took a guided bus tour of the city as this was the best way to see it and learn about their culture. Observing the fascinating architecture and seeing the college Pablo Picasso once studied in was incredible.
Enough of that, here are some photos of Barcelona.

Stadium built for the 1992 Olympics

The Marina

Plaza de Catalunya

From the densely populated city of Barcelona, I venture out an hour North-West outside of the city, towards Manresa and stop at the Montserrat Mountains. Montserrat translates 'Serrated Mountain' in Catalan, which can easily be illustrated, even from Manresa. The mountains are roughly 1200m high and the path I took managed to take me to 1.070m high, a place called Santa Magdalena. This was an incredible view from the top, overlooking a vast and contoured landscape below. An array of wildlife nests on these mountains, a variety of birds. The Peregrine Falcon, the fastest animal in the world, The Raven, largest bird of the Crow family and the Bonellis Eagle, a classic Mediterranean bird of prey. Other wildlife consists of Geckos, Squirrels and Bats.

View from the bottom

Take the Cable Car up to the
first level of the mountain

View from Plaza de Santa Anna (895m)

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