Thursday, 12 January 2012

Part Three: Glasgow to Isle of Arran

In order to start on existing work I need to power through the backlog of work I did over Christmas. As most of you know, most of this work was done in Scotland, where I spent a week filming the red squirrels.
My task is to go through that painful, tedious process we call editing. Over these next couple of days I will be posting my video blogs so if you feel like you may have missed one just check the previous post for the missing gap.
Yesterday, I edited the bus journey from London to Glasgow, now I am posting the train and ferry journey from Glasgow to Arran (where my filming begins). I am sorry if these videos may seem a little boring at the moment but they need to be done for the next chapter to 'flow'.

So low and behold the final video on my travelling experience!! (like all others - all footage shot on gopro)

Tips to take from the video:

  • Travelling from Cornwall to Scotland by bus is a very cheap but long process so be prepared to be uncomfortable, have very little sleep
  • On big journeys like these, boredom becomes your best friend
  • When travelling in Winter, the weather will NOT be your best friend and will cause many delays
  • The gopro camera is very reliable and I recommend it to anyone

To look at my previous journeys, scroll to the 'older post' button on the bottom right.


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