Friday, 13 January 2012

Video Blog: Arrive in Accommodation

I'm in my accommodation at last! This accomodation is on the grounds of Brodick Castle and it is where the rangers stay, however, they are off season at the moment so I was able to live in there for a week.

Just so you have an idea of where I am I have included a labelled map of the grounds.
So my accommodation was in the bottom left, a short 5minute walk north-east, through the woodland will take you to the castle and then the ranger centre (where I based my filming) is located just behind the castle.

This edit is just a video blog I did updating the situation I was in when I had just arrived into the accommodation. Leaving London at around 11pm and arriving in Arran the following evening at around 5pm  so I was pretty relieved when I was finally in my accommodation!
Nothing special but may be of interest to some of you if you want to know about my experience..

To look at the journey I took to get to Scotland, scroll to the 'older post' button on the bottom right.


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